Opportunity is a Symbol of the human species.

WHY A SECRET SOCIETY, The Illuminati operates in relation to you and everyone else, everywhere, and at all times. Our responsibility to this earth has endured for hundreds of years, enduring even the most established political structures. Nevertheless, the growth of trillions of living beings is an enormous liability, and considering that humans would not survive in the modern world without our protection, a great number of naïve people misjudge our course in favour of restricting our freedom.

Every human being yearns to be freed from oppression, freedom from hardship, freedom from dependency, freedom from hunger, and freedom from laws and restrictions. But as you may understand, the thought of your species makes real opportunity unimaginable.

Is it accurate to say that killing is permitted? Is it accurate to say that you are permitted to take? Is it true that others can kill you and take things from you? Conversely, are there any possibilities that must be passed up in order to benefit everyone?
The human needs administration in order to flourish; for bliss, the human longs for opportunity.
This explains why we don’t have names. In order to continue operating despite shifts in cultural norms and generational divides, the Illuminati must remain unseen, occupying a place of none and remaining devoted to all.

It’s possible that you will never understand how living under our association can provide you with freedom. You may never fully understand why we do what we do and why being with us makes you feel safest and happiest. In essence, be open-minded and expressive about your anxieties, and you’ll find the support of the truth.

We promise never to take hold of your hand and drag you around like a hostage to our whims. You should locate yourself alone and explore every area of the street. However, your personal satisfaction is our top priority, and the reason our photographs are shared with the public is so that you can use them as a guide if you so desire.