Money is a mathematical measurement of a person’s earthly influence.

People who are ignorant about money or wealth often demonize it. Many individuals go through life thinking that pursuing wealth is the root of all evil, ignoring the reality that it can frequently be used to overcome the most trying circumstances.

Is it bad for a mother to spend money on her child’s upbringing? Is the money given to an artist after years of training and struggle a sinful thing? Is the money paid to employees by a crooked firm evil?

Money's choice between good or evil is decided by those who use it.

Money is emotionless, voiceless, and soulless. A person cannot eat gold or paper while they are hungry. It is possible to employ the same money that can cause harm to also cause healing. Money is just a means to an end for the dictator. Money is a method of subsistence and survival for the beggar.

Pursue a life of Abundance.

This world is wealthy enough for everyone, everywhere, to enjoy abundant life. A life of Abundance is one that overflows with abundance, allowing you to freely assist others around you since you are no longer in need of assistance yourself.

Money’s worth is determined by the people who possess it. A hundred is small to a rich and a lot to a poor. A billionaire may save hundreds of thousands of lives only by providing those in need with food, medication, and shelter. Can the impoverished save how many lives?

With effort, poverty is impermanent.

Everybody’s life path is concealed; neither the rich nor the destitute are aware of their fortune when they are born. Even if you think that the difficulties you are currently facing are not your fault, understand that they are just transient. A life will break apart so that fragments of it can be used to build a better future. An empire will fall so that stronger empires can be constructed from its ashes. Rest easy, knowing that your worst experiences are only necessary to prepare you for the abundant life you were destined to lead.