Faith is the belief in something that cannot be proven.

The majority of religious beliefs, or illuminati sign, are founded on unverifiable information obtained from unreliable sources, also referred to as hearsay. Millions will adhere to a religious text’s precepts without ever having spoken with its author, and billions will come to believe in a god based on stories of miracles related by someone who wasn’t even there when the events occurred.

However, it is foolish to disparage religion. Faith is not just for people who practice religion. Not only is it impossible for the most pious pope to produce indisputable proof of his god’s existence, but scientists who maintain that there are no gods in the cosmos also cannot. For an explanation of things they will never understand, each rely on their own faith.

There’s no evidence for God. There’s no evidence of not even a God. Science is forced to acknowledge the possibility of a god’s existence if it is unable to provide conclusive evidence against the existence of a deity.

The deepest doubt builds the strongest faith.

This enduring conflict between faith and skepticism serves as the foundation for the religion of the Illuminati. We don’t argue over the existence of gods; instead, we work to improve the lot of all living things on Earth. We base our decisions on the analysis of facts and evidence, which are easily changed by an all-knowing entity to direct our behavior and shape the course of human history.

Be wary of those who use our name.

Many people have been operating under the Illuminati moniker for decades; their dishonesty taints public opinion of our group, leading many to assume that wrongdoings are carried out under our direction.

The idea that the Illuminati or Illuminati sign is connected to any particular religion, whether it be Baphomet, Baal, or God, is incompatible with the idea that we should be free of human divisions. We do not elevate any deity above any other and neither acknowledge nor reject any. We work just for the good of the species of humans that we have been entrusted to look out for.

More horrible stories of human sacrifices and bloody rituals have been linked to our group. Although each of our members is free to serve any god they so like, the sole goal of the Illuminati collectively is to ensure the survival of the human race. Human sacrifices and other acts that are against the advancement of humanity are therefore forbidden because they go against everything we stand for.

Must a god exist for you to do what is right?

Would an all-knowing, all-sensing, all-powerful god give a damn about the name that is chosen to honor him? When justice may be carried out without your assistance, would a god order the harm of another? If there is a greater power, it will reward you for your stewardship if you only do what is right and good for the benefit of your species.